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COVID - 19

We will be taking the following measures to ensure your safety:
  • Your temperature will be taken before you enter our reception.
  • Hand sanitizer will be given before you enter our reception.
  • Patients must wear face masks before you enter our premises.
  • Patients must fill in a Covid-19 checklist.
  • We book our patients one hour apart to encourage social distancing.
  • If you feel ill, we will reschedule your appointment.
  • We wash our hands frequently, as well as before and after every patient.
  • We use face masks and shields.
  • We disinfect our equipment after every patient.

Witbank Optometrist is dedicated to your vision and health.

About Us

We opened our doors in 1995. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have quality service at affordable prices. We are a big family with dedicated staff. We know our patients and always try to give the best to our patients. We work from a big house so we have a relaxed comfortable atmosphere with easy parking. We are part of Value Vision, a owner run group of independent optometrists which offers professional personalised eye care to their patients.

We are contracted to all medical aids and also offer package deals for people without a medical aid. All credit, debit and Edcon cards – (Edgars cards, Jet, Legit) are also accepted.
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Thursdays : 8.00am to 17h00
Fridays: 8.00am to 16h00
Saturdays: 09h00 to 12h00
Closed on public holidays and Sundays


Eye Tests
  • Our eyes perform precision work all the time. They focus on objects that are close-up, zoom in on those at a distance and have to adjust to different lighting conditions over and over again. We take in more than 80% of our information through our eyes and this is why eye diseases are such a concern. There are numerous problems that can arise – glaucoma, cataracts or retinal detachment – however an optometrist can help in most cases and we use the fundus camera to detect early problems.

  • A cataract is a clouding or opacity of the natural lens of the eye. Cataract sufferers feel as if they are always looking through frosted glass. Proteins that clump together in the lens of the eye are to blame for this opacity. Possible causes include exposure to UV radiation, diabetes and smoking. Fortunately, excellent options are now available to treat cataracts.

  • Glaucoma is caused by increasing internal eye pressure that leads to retinal damage and finally to the deterioration of the optic nerve. The disease is only curable if detected early.Special medication (eye drops) can save the eyesight.Consequently it is imperative that the eyes be examined regularly.

  • AMD (age-related macular degeneration) is typically found among older people, affecting around 10% of people over 66 and 30% of people over 75. The retina is no longer supplied by nutrients as well as it once was, and cells begin to gradually die off. The early stage of this disease can be detected by a simple test called the Amsler Grid test.



Our range covers a wide brand selection of Eye Care Products. We also stock Cube and Uvex Safety glasses and Uvex Sports protective eyewear for: Shooting, Archery, Hockey, Cricket, Running

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Payment Information

We are contracted toallmedical aids and accept all Credit, Debit and Edcon cards (Edgars cards, Jet, Legit, etc,)

Package Deals

No medical aid? No problem!

We have the following package deals available.

Single Vision White Plastic

Only R1444

Bifocal White Plastic

Only R2100

Multifocal White Plastic

Only R3150

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